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center for alcohol and drug studies

Irene Zalich

Knut Tielking, Ph.D.
Research Scientist

Knut Tielking, PhD (Habilitation) comes from the University of Applied Sciences of Emden/Leer in Germany. He is an affiliated research scientist and was an adjunct professor at the School of Social Work at SDSU from August 2013 until May 2014. As a professor of social work, his top priority is prevention and health promotion, especially in the context of addiction and drug rehabilitation. During his tenure at different German universities, he successfully implemented a variety of new undergraduate and graduate programs and has also been the Principal investigator on many research projects. He has conducted numerous studies in a broad variety of areas including social and health systems. Research areas of interest include innovations in prevention and health promotion as well as optimization of standard of care and services in the different areas of health promotion and prevention, child and youth work in the context of schools, extra-curricular activities, communal prevention projects, self-help, people with migration background, medical and work-related rehabilitation, and care of the elderly. Outcomes from his projects were passed on to pension insurance institutes, professional associations, service providers, state government of Lower Saxony and the federal government (ministry of internal affairs, ministry of health), e.g. AWMF guidelines: Post-acute treatment of alcohol abuse and dependence. Additionally, pilot schemes were transferred towards standard treatment (e.g. standards of cooperation of joint work in addiction help, “Kombi-Nord”, street work and case management regarding people with migration background, prevention in schools and communities). These studies were promoted financially by the federal government, state and local communities as well as by German Pension Insurance. Dr. Tielking has taken a leading role in attracting third party funding, roughly totaling to date 4.7 million Euros (about 5 million in US dollars). Since 2015 Dr. Tielking has been a member of the directorate in the Faculty of Social Work and Health.

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