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SDSU Center for Alcohol & Drug Studies

Welcome to the Center for Alcohol and Drug Studies and Services

The Center for Alcohol and Drug Studies and Services is a project of theSan Diego State University San Diego State University School of Social Work. Originally named the Center on Substance Abuse, the Center was established in 1985 by Dr. Anita S. Harbert to address alcohol and other drug-related problems at San Diego State University and in the larger community.

The Center specializes in research and evaluation design with an emphasis on socio-behavioral research and applied evaluation. Our multi-disciplinary staff have decades of experience in research and evaluation and are highly committed to scientific excellence.

The Center serves as an umbrella organization for several alcohol and drug related research initiatives and services, including the SDSU Driving Under the Influence Program, a County of San Diego contracted program to provide drinking driver education and counseling services in the Central Judicial District of San Diego County.

We invite you to learn about us through our website.

Characteristics of Cannabis-Only and Other Drug Users Who Visit the Emergency Department
Susan I. Woodruff,1,* Cameron T. McCabe,2 Melinda Hohman,3 John D. Clapp,4 Audrey M. Shillington,5 Kimberly Eisenberg,6 C. Beth Sise,7 Edward M. Castillo,8 Theodore C. Chan,8 and Michael J. Sise7

Emergency department (ED) settings have gained interest as venues for illegal drug misuse prevention and intervention, with researchers and practitioners attempting to capitalize on the intersection of need and opportunity within these settings. This study of 686 adult patients visiting two EDs for various reasons who admitted drug use compared daily cannabis-only users, nondaily cannabis-only users, and other drug users on sociodemographic and drug-related severity outcomes.

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